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Jennifer N. Parker

Pastel Portraits

Logo Designs

P: (701) 381-9747 (Text only, very rural)
E: jennifer@gleasondesign.net
FB: Jennifer Parker Art
Best way to contact me: Through FB or texting me.

Logos: $125; Other Graphic Design $85/hr.

Paintings: Roughly $1.75/sq.in. or a minimum of $140 for canvases under 8x10. Depends on detail and time (eg: more than one person in a portrait).*

Pastels: 9x12 $1.25/sq.in.

* I will need a good photo(s) to work off of (high resolution digital preferred). Willing to work with you depending on need etc.

Murals: $20/sq.ft. (this can vary)

- All works require 1/2 down

- See Facebook page for events

300dpi or more in original pic is best for portraits.
Zoom into your pic and choose a detail like the eye. It should look like the high resolution pic.

Jennifer Parker Art Policy
Subject to change at anytime


• Half down deposit is required before starting, rest on completion.
• I obtain copyright of ALL design work unless otherwise stated in a copyright release (may be necessary), depending on what you will do with artwork. Buying any piece of artwork from me does not mean you own the design or work. You are NOT free to do whatever you want with my artwork after purchase. Logos only, do you own after purchasing from me, may also apply to some graphic design if not original works.
• If for any reason not satisfied I retain deposit and painting.
• At any time additional costs may occur. EG: Repainting of an area will cost paint and time because professional quality paints are being used.
• Pictures given for reference must be in high resolution with no pixelation. I can turn down photo at any time.
• Deadline is approximate, unless a contract is written and signed.
• Send pics via wetransfer or dropbox to jennifer@gleasondesign.net


• Will need a visual idea of what you'd like. Quick little sketch or show me 2 logos that are similar to what you'd like in style of.
• Half down required.
• Three concepts of your idea to choose from and we'll go from there.
• Deadline is approximate, unless a contract is written and signed.

Sales are final. No returns unless you'd like to gift the work back to the artist.

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